Tuesday 2nd July 2013 – Busy, busy little lady I am!

I should have written this yesterday, but just didn’t have time, so sorry about that. But I spent nearly 5 hours on the allotment today. I did take some lunch with me, so I wouldn’t go hungry. I need food to keep me going, as I do get rather peckish. I managed to thoroughly weed and water 8 beds, some are rather big, and then I watered them well using the organic seaweed fertiliser. I also filled in some holes with some Calabrese “Blestar” that I’d been meaning to get in a few weeks ago. Still there’s still time. I was exhausted when I got home, but that’s nothing new, so a quick sit down with a cup of tea before I had to start dinner. Hot bath and an early night.

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3 Responses to Tuesday 2nd July 2013 – Busy, busy little lady I am!

  1. paul says:

    You have been busy , i pulled some white beetroot today and is yummy well orth the wait, not had calbrese for years
    Claire you having any probs with squash not setting, my yellow caugettes have and green ones are and thier is bees around ?

    • I’ve never tried white beetroot before, will have to hunt some down for next year. So far I’ve not been having any problems with the courgettes setting, I’ve got lots of little tiny baby ones growing, so am very excited. Try spraying them with a fine mist of water from the hose, this should help. If you have space, plant some bedding flowers around to attract more pollinators. They’ll also smell good.

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