Monday 19th July 2010

Put in more tomatoes today, only have 7 left to plant and then they’re all in. I’ll plant the last 7 tomorrow. Took the mangetout up and planted tomatoes in their place, and also planted some in tyres. Plant 1 per tyre. It’s better to put bush varieties in tyres because they don’t need supporting, as it’s hard to get a stick in far enough to support the plants. Dug up a few more carrots, the purple ones I cooked yesterday for dinner turned the water blue, but were very yummy. I took all the mangetout out as they had finished. If you want to save any seeds for the following year just leave them on the plant until the pods go a light brown colour, then remove and de-pod and dry on kitchen paper on the window sill.

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2 Responses to Monday 19th July 2010

  1. Hi Claire,
    I wonder what result one would get from using the blue water from the purple carrots for fabric dying. Interesting. Is it best to save all seed that way …. leaving them to dry out on the plant?

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