Tuesday 20th July 2010

Finally I got the last 7 tomatoes in. Yeah, they’re in!! Picked most of the peas today, ran out of space in the containers, so will have to pick the rest on Wednesday. If your peas have gone too far and are already dried, you can either plant them next year, or keep them as dried peas and use them when “blind baking pastry”. Make sure they are thoroughly dried before you store them. I picked my first cucumber today from the greenhouse. It was so sweet and crispy, another one is ready so I’ll pick that in a couple of days.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 20th July 2010

  1. Yum…cucumber. Good for you.

  2. nadine starkie says:

    Claire, we are new at this allotment buisiness. Been growing bushy kinda tomatos in our greenhouse…. they are wild and out of control….. green and the size of cherry tomatos. I see that you have yours outside?…… do you suggest that I do this, we can get tires too….. just thought they need more heat inside the greenhouse. confused!

    • You can either grow tomatoes in or out. It depends where you live and what the summer is going to be like. If you can guarantee a lovely warm, dry summer then plant them out side. If not, then grow them in the greenhouse. I’ve got so many this year that I’ve had to plant some in the greenhouse, some outside at home, and some down the allotment. I would suggest that you don’t move them now, as their roots would have spread and won’t want to be disturbed. Next year plant them in tyres. If you plant them in the greenhouse they fruit for longer as they’re protected from frost in autumn.

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