Sunday 18th July 2010

Popped up to the allotment for a couple of hours this morning after bellringing. The kids break up on Wednesday, so I’ll be going down on Sundays during the summer holidays. Planted yet more tomatoes, mainly in tyres that I got on Thursday. I’ve only got about 20 or so to find space for. I’ll get them in some how. I dug up a few more potatoes to have for dinner, plus some gorgeous looking carrots, orange and purple ones. they weren’t straight they all had a kink in them, but they taste better that way. Looking forward to eating them in about 1 hour. Also I took some photos of the plot and Mark has made a little film, it should be up now “part 114”, check it out.

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4 Responses to Sunday 18th July 2010

  1. gardenlady says:

    I just saw the video, wow you do have a lot of room to grow. I am wondering if I could take the tire idea and plant some melons on it, I love watermelon and such but never find enough room for it in the raise beds.

    • I’m sure the melons would work fine in tyres. My mum mounds soil up to plant her melons, but if they’re in tyres at least you’ll know where to water. Make sure you put loads of organic matter in the soil to feed the melon.

  2. WOW great size allotment Claire and everything looks great. With a family and home garden…and greenhouse (lol) I dont know where you find the time to keep it as tidy as you do. As long as it is producing…I suppose that is the most important thing. Your fennel looks lovely and soft.

    • The fennel are so soft, every time I go past them I have to give them a little stroke, and you can smell the aniseed of the fronds. I’m up there about 6-10 hours a week when the kids are at school. Now it’s the summer break, I’ll only be able to get up there to work on Sunday for 2 hours, so the weeds will creep in. I’ll take revenge on them in September when the kids go back.

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