Thursday 15th July 2010

Very windy today, the weather not me. Just incase you were wondering. Went to Kwik Fit for more tyres today and managed to fit 18 in the back of the car. I always speak to the same man there, and he always looks at me as though I’m very odd. I have given him info about the video to watch, whether he has or not I don’t know. Maybe if he did he would understand. Anyway he’s very nice. Did a bit of weeding and checking that everything will be secure for the weekend. I’m going on a school trip tomorrow with my little boy to the Science Museum. He’s very excited that I’m coming. As the kids break up on Wednesday I’ll be popping down on Sundays now, so I’ll see the weekend gardeners.

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2 Responses to Thursday 15th July 2010

  1. lol thats funny about the man at Kwik Fit. You did good fitting 18 in the car. You should take a pic of you and the loaded down car sometime. Have a great day at the Science Museum with your boy. They do love for Mum to go along.

    • We’ve got an estate car and you can put the back seats flat. I haven’t christened this car with a manure trip yet, but that’ll happen in the Autumn. In our previous car (estate also) I managed to get 24 bags of manure in. They were large rubble bags and I had 2 layers. Couldn’t see out the back window, but the stables is only a short drive from the allotment. The car felt very heavy though. It takes about 48 bags to cover the allotment. Next time I get tyres and manure, I’ll take some photos and post them. The Science Museum was fun and my group were very well behaved.

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