Saturday 2nd January 2021 – A mountain of seeds

It’s that time of year when I sit down at my dining room table, spread all the packets of seeds I have out, and go through them all. Organisation is the key for me, life is very busy what with work, looking after the house, the family, and managing to cram all those other things into the weekend. When I go out into the garden for a little bit of me time I want to get as much done in the time I have as possible.

My life is full of writing lists and working my way through them. If I don’t write a list each day then I’ll forget something important and then I’ll get stressed and annoyed with myself. It’s not just big important things on my list, but little things like “Buy more long socks” which is next on my list after doing this.

So there I sat at the dining room table with a cup of tea and a biscuit and a mountain of seeds in front of me. Empty plastic ice cream and margarine tubs in front of me and I was off and ready to go. Some seed packet this year are new, some are a couple of years old, some are a little out of date and others are quite a bit out of date. I know that some seeds have a very short life, but others have quite a long life. I’m not one to throw away seeds just because they’re past their prime, they’ll still germinate, just not as many as previously.

So after about half an hour I was done. They are now in tubs that correspond to the month they need to be sown in and are up on top of one of my many bookcases waiting patiently for me to start sowing. I expect I’ll sow some next weekend and then some more the weekend after, this is all weather dependant of course. If we have 4 feet of snow I’m not trudging down the garden to the greenhouses I’d rather stay warm inside the house.

Now to order some more long socks…..

TTFN and Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2021 brings you joy, happiness and the vaccine (shame I can’t grow that) xxxx

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