Mid September Update

It’s the middle of September and Autumn is nearly here. The days are still warm, but the temperature is due to drop substantially in the next couple of days. Time to start tidying the garden and get it ready for the shorter days.

It’s been a good year in the garden for me. I hope you have had a brilliant year as well.


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2 Responses to Mid September Update

  1. Jim Norlem says:

    We are preparing for winter here as well. We are to have more than average snow so that will be greater than 30 inches. I do not look forward to that. I guess the cold (-20F) and the snow will finish off the nasty little bugs that bother our plants so it is a good thing. I enjoy your videos as they remind me of the time June and I lived in UK (Harrow) . This would have been our 62nd anniversary
    but June passed a few months ago. I still have PGTips in the morning as she wanted and I enjoy the time. I think it will be a long winter but that will give me more time to plan what seeds I want to plant in Spring. Thank you for your videos and hope you get to visit Spain this year.PS June reacted
    to popcorn as you did the first time. She was born in Harrow and the U.S. Air Force sent me to the UK so I could steal her. 🙂 Thanks again for your programs. Jim

    • Dear Jim, That’s a lot of snow to have, the UK grinds to a halt when we just have a couple of flakes. Wrap up warm and stay warm and cozy. But yes a good hard winter puts all the bugs into check. I think that’s why we had so many angry wasps this year because we had such a mild winter. I’m so sorry to hear about June, I would give you a hug if we lived closer and I was allowed to. But there are so many things we can’t do at the moment. I hope you’re doing ok and have people you can turn to for a chat. You can’t beat PG Tips first thing in the morning, it is the best tea. Keep yourself occupied over the winter with planning what to grow next year. Maybe start a new hobby you can do inside. I can’t paint or draw to save my life, but maybe you could give that a try. Hopefully we can go to Spain next year, but it just depends how everything goes with this virus. I’ve not seen my parents since New Years Day. They were supposed to come over several times this year, but had to cancel. They’re most probably not coming over for Christmas now, as we have 5 in our house and if the rule of 6 is still in we’ll be breaking the law. I’ll be giving them a huge hug when we finally do see each other. It was also the last time I saw my sister as well. We all keep in contact via WhatsApp though so at least it’s something. I may grow popcorn next year, it’s just magical how it transforms in a saucepan, glad she got to enjoy it. I’m glad you got to “steal” her, you clearly spent a wonderful life together. Take care and stay safe and well xxx

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