What’s in my January box?

After I posted about sorting my seeds, lots of you are wondering what I’ve got in my January box, so here is what I have got planned later this month. The list is in the order I want to sow them in, and I’ve put links to the varieties I have got, just incase you wish to add to your collection of seeds:

MustardD T Brown

CressMoles Seeds


Exhibition OnionsD T Brown

Leeks MusselburghMoles Seeds

Sweet peas – That were sent to me from someone in Cornwall (Thank you x)

Pea ShootsD T Brown

Chestnut button Mushroom spawn – Mr Fothergill’s – Sorry but I can’t find a link to these, they don’t seem to do them anymore. I have had the packet for a while, so maybe they won’t work at all. I’ve also searched on all the tabs I have open and nothing. Maybe later on in the year they’ll have something available.

I hope this helps. Never grown pea shoots before so that’s a new one for this year. And the mustard and cress I’ll sow little and often throughout the year.

If you find that any of them are unavailable on the links I have put in, you can most probably find them elsewhere.

Here’s to the start of a wonderful new growing season, let’s hope the weather is just what we need. Hope you have lots of fun.

Happy Gardening!

Claire xx

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