Thursday 23rd June 2016 – My first Tomato!!

Well last night was fun. The “first” storm over head started about 10pm, just after I got home. It was more of an electrical storm, with loads of lightning above the clouds flashing all around and some wonderful claps of thunder. It lasted for just over an hour. We had a little bit of rain to go with it, but not the deluge that I was expecting. I was following a lightning website on my phone before we went to bed, and I could see it approaching at quite a speed. Before Mark and I went to bed we stood outside to watch some of the lightning and it was very still and very muggy outside. We checked on the kids before we went to bed and they were fast asleep. None of us are scared of storms (I used to be petrified, but was by Clapham Junction station about 20 years ago, and it got struck by lightning and it cured me), in fact when the kids were little we used to watch storms go by. Always waiting for that massive flash and huge bang! Mark and I finally fell asleep once the storm had gone. Then at 1am the “second” storm of the night approached. This one was even louder than the first, with lighting below the clouds this time. The flashes lit up the entire room, and there was one strike very close to home, because the flash and the bang were practically together. In fact we both jumped at that point. This storm again lasted for just over an hour and this time, oh boy did it rain! In fact we had just under 2 inches of rain last night. I know that because I had some empty trays on the garden table and they were nearly full this morning.

This was how much rain we had last night during our storms.

This was how much rain we had last night during our storms.

When we all got up at 7am, we said to the kids “Did you enjoy the storms last night?” They both looked at us blankly. They had both slept through both of them! Don’t ask me how. Emily usually wakes up and then goes back to sleep, but George would sleep through a bomb going off! We showed them footage of the lightning Mark took on his phone and put on Instagram. They were a little miffed they missed them. We’re supposed to get some more later today, so hopefully they’ll see these instead. It’s not like I closed all the windows, all our small windows were open, otherwise it gets too hot in the house. So with all that rain, and more forecast this morning I didn’t go down the allotment today. It would have been a bit silly to have even tried. But I did notice that in one of my hanging baskets at home, that some more of my Sweet Peas are flowering, and I have a tiny green Tomato, which is the very first for this year. I’ve got loads of flowers on my millions (slight exaggeration) of Tomatoes, by this is the first fruit. I’m very excited as you can most probably tell.

More Sweet Peas and my first Tomato!!

More Sweet Peas and my first Tomato!!

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4 Responses to Thursday 23rd June 2016 – My first Tomato!!

  1. Allotmental says:

    Unusually I slept through the storms (unless we didnt have one) but I’m thinking to buy umbrellas for my battered crops 😢

  2. I’m hoping that all my plants on the allotment are ok. I’ll go and look tomorrow.

  3. Lovely update thank you for sharing have a blessed day we had a bad storm last night did the garden good have not check my dust bins i using as water but as yet have a blessed day Claire

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