Wednesday 22nd June 2016 – Some radioactive Rhubarb!!

I mentioned yesterday that I was doing a talk last night (21st June) to a local gardening group. It went really well, and they were all so wonderful. I spoke about gardening for about an hour and a half, and they asked some very interesting questions. I took along some plants and a few bits that I’d harvested that day. There isn’t much ready at this time of year, it’s all behind because of the weather, but I managed to fill the 6 foot table I was given. Most of what I took along was normal size, but my Rhubarb this year is just, well how shall I put this? It looks like it’s got super powers! The leaves are so big, they’re the size of a normal sized umbrella! It’s all huge this year, must be all the rain we’ve had. And possibly the fact that I feed it at the end of every season with manure and when I water, I use Seaweed Fertiliser.

My massive rhubarb. The glove is in for scale.

My massive rhubarb. The glove is in for scale.

Emily has now finished all her GCSE exams, so she’s got 10 weeks off school. I jokingly mentioned that she should come and help the down the allotment. Which she accepted immediately. She came down for the first time this morning, and it was great to have her with me. We only had the morning, so we just did a load of weeding, grass cutting and wood chip spreading on the paths. She’s very happy to come down with me again, but if she only wants to stay for a couple of hours she can walk home by herself. She commented that “It was fun!” which is always a good start. You may remember that I planted some Ginger ages ago on Episode 302. Well nothing had happened, so I dug it up to investigate. Two pieces have gone rotten and very soft, but the other one has a small shoot on it. I took that one, and planted it in compost in a 3 inch pot and it’s now on my kitchen window sill. I’m hoping that the extra warmth from the kitchen will start to make it grow better. I’ll keep you updated on its progress. They do tend to spray Ginger that you buy in the supermarket to stop it from shooting. If the one I’ve got left doesn’t work, I’ll buy some proper Ginger next year.

Two have gone rotten but one has a shoot on it. A bit more TLC and hopefully it'll grow.

Two have gone rotten but one has a shoot on it. A bit more TLC and hopefully it’ll grow.

Well I think that’s about it for today. I’ve just got to sort out the produce I took with me last night, and then it’ll be time for dinner.

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6 Responses to Wednesday 22nd June 2016 – Some radioactive Rhubarb!!

  1. Lovely update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. Mark Willis says:

    I once bought some lovely Ginger from a Chinese supermarket in London’s Chinatown. It was very young – not shrivelled-up and wrinkly- and it had loads of pinkish-white shoots. It tasted very nice when sliced thinly into a stir-fry, but I reckon it would also have been ideal for planting!

  3. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, lucky you to get some help. All my friends would like to help in the garden but it’s always, too hot, too cold, too buggy, (big sigh). too sweaty. Really? My grandson just don’t see the point in putting in all that work when you can just go to the store and buy it. Maybe if I get some really good sweet corn this year, he will see the difference. Unfortunately some friends have eaten the store stuff too long and now won’t eat any thing from the garden because it tastes funny, it has a spot on it, it doesn’t look perfect. (Eyes rolling) Really? How far have we departed from our ancestors? I think my grandson thinks that hamburgers come from McDonald’s and not from ground up animals. Well, he might be right about not much ground up animals in a McDonald’s hamburger.

    Have a wonderful day with your Emily help.

    • Some people are so fussy when it comes to the temperature. There’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes! Emily enjoyed herself, but realised how exhausting it can be. She’ll get used to it soon. Some people just don’t understand gardening. It’s not for everyone, but most people like to dabble. We’re not fans of McDonalds. In fact I really can’t remember the last time we set foot it one. Must be over a decade ago if not longer. Once George was invited to a friends birthday party at a McD’s and refused to go because he didn’t want to eat the food! That’s my boy!!

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