Friday 10th June 2016 – Homebase didn’t have enough 8 foot canes!!

Oh, Homebase, I always had faith in you. But today you let me down by not having enough 8 foot canes for me to buy. I needed 30, but you only had 20. Therefore I was unable to plant out all my French Beans! I’ll have to look else where for some more. Shame on you!! Today was another busy day on my allotment. I spent another 4 hours planting out so much. I started with my French Beans, although with a lack of 8 foot canes (naughty Homebase) I was unable to get them all out today. I am growing 2 varieties this year “Cobra” and “Cherokee Trail of Tears”. I’ve mixed them together, but if you want to keep yours separate then by all means do. I then planted out my Broccoli “Lancer Mixed”, and then my Cabbage “Primero F1”. I then did a little bit of weeding and wood chipping of some of my paths, and then as a final treat for the day I harvested some more Strawberries. I did eat one, but then I’d worked very hard. I need to have a shower before I go out tonight as I’m a bit stinky!!

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4 Responses to Friday 10th June 2016 – Homebase didn’t have enough 8 foot canes!!

  1. Hopefully they will have some more in soon perhaps you should grow a bamboo then in the Autumn you can harvest your own i wished i dug some up from my 2nd old home lovely update as always Blessing as always

  2. Allotmental says:

    I can’t keep up with it all at the mo 😠

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