Saturday 11th June 2016 – Chillies, Sweet Peppers and more Tomatoes!

I spent practically ALL day in the garden at home today which was wonderful. I did some weeding, cleared the paving stone path that goes to the end of the garden, changed some of the rotten log roll, and had a general clear up and prune. Then after lunch I went into my greenhouse and planted up a load more Tomatoes, Chillies and Sweet Peppers into 6 inch pots. The greenhouse is getting rather full now, and I’ve run out of 6 inch pots, so have contacted a couple of friends who said they have spare ones. It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle in my greenhouse at the moment. You need to move that bit, before you can do that bit, but can’t do that bit, until that bit it done!! I’ll get there, but it’s going to take a little while. I’m exhausted, hot, sweaty, smelly and dirty, so I need a bath, and then I think it’ll be take out Fish and Chips for dinner. I’ve earned it!!

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5 Responses to Saturday 11th June 2016 – Chillies, Sweet Peppers and more Tomatoes!

  1. awesome update i just potted om my AMISH PASTE TOMS AND BEEFSTEAK TOMS and i pricked the side shoots out hope that the right thing to do with them never grown them before

  2. Crops & Crafts says:

    Fantastic work. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved Fish & Chips. x

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