Tuesday 29th March 2016 – Sowing Aubergines

Aubergines need lots of heat to grow, which is something that we lack in the UK. Sometimes our summers are amazing, lovely and hot and sunny, with water restrictions, and other times it rains all the time. I prefer the really hot summers, it makes life on the allotment harder, but you get much more produce, and a lovely tan to go with it. Aubergines have to be grown in the greenhouse in the UK, there is no if’s or but’s about it. But if the weather is awful then even in the greenhouse they won’t do well. This year I’m hoping for a wonderful summer with lots of sun and therefore loads of aubergines, but only time will tell. This year I’m sowing 2 varieties, both fruits are medium to small. The first are from Pennard Plants and are called “Casper – Blanche (white)” and the others are purple and white and are a variety I bought in Spain. Fingers crossed that they grow well this year.

My next video is episode 300, where you get to see my ginger bush. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 29th March 2016 – Sowing Aubergines

  1. There I was, reading about Aubergines, then suddenly…. *Shocked face*!

  2. Paul Varley says:

    Hi Claire, Two years I bought 2 Aubergine plants and despite tying to hand pollinate all the flowers and stalks fell off. This year I started some from seed and so far I have 4 set over 3 plants. My question is would you limit the number of Aubergines per plant to say 3 or 4 as there are still plenty of flower sand new buds on each plant.

    • Aubergines are notoriously difficult to grow in the UK. I sowed some seeds this year and ended up with 1 very small plant. No I wouldn’t limit the number of fruits that grow. Just make sure you feed the plant well and water it frequently.

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