Wednesday 23rd March 2016 – Garlic is out and the first of the Carrots.

Today was a day of ups and downs. Firstly when I let the chickens out this morning, only 5 shot out of their house, like bullets out of a gun. Where was number 6? She was very poorly and still sitting in the house. Firstly I thought she’d gone to that great chicken coop in the sky, but she was just about with us, but only just. I wrapped her in a couple of Terry’s nappies and bought her inside the house. After a while she perked up a very small amount, but I had a vets appointment for her just before 9am. When we arrived she’d taken a turn for the worst and the vet and I decided the best thing was to put her to sleep. I couldn’t let her suffer. I then bought her home, and then left her in peace while I went to the allotment for a while. I couldn’t bury her straight away, because I needed my large fork, which was down the allotment. She wasn’t going to go anywhere, so I thought she would be safe on her own. On the allotment I cheered up. I was sad, but not distraught. On the allotment I dug over another couple of beds, and planted out my Garlic. Then I had a little space left, so sowed the first of the Carrots seeds. I’ve got lots more to sow, but today I sowed “Flyaway F1”. Once I was done, I went home (with my fork), had some lunch and then went to our local shop to get a box. Marty is now buried under my apple tree at the back of the garden. She is about 3 feet down, wrapped in a Terry’s nappy and in a cardboard box. There is no worry about her being dug up by a fox, because there is some black weed suppressant fabric on top, loads of wood chips and then a wheelie bin. I did shed a tear or two as I buried her. But I’d like to think that I gave her over a year of very happy memories and freedom that she wouldn’t have otherwise know.

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5 Responses to Wednesday 23rd March 2016 – Garlic is out and the first of the Carrots.

  1. Lovely update and thank you for sharing rip Marty have a blessed day

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, I’m not a chicken man but I am assuming that one year is not the life span of a chicken. Interesting name. I always thought that Marty was a male name. It’s never a pleasant thing when one of our homestead birds or animals dies an early death. I’m sure she will be missed. My urban farm animals are wild and take care of them selves. I don’t get the attached huggie feelie time with them but that’s ok with me. My biggest challenge is to keep the raccoons away from the sweet corn. Year number five for the urban garden called “Terra Nova Gardens” just may be the year that I get to indulge in some home grown sweet corn.

    Have a great day on the allotment.

  3. Creativeme says:

    Always sad losing a pet. I’m sure her days were as good as a hen’s could be. RIP Marty.

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