Saturday 18th July 2015 – London Film and Comic Com

Now I don’t usually go to this sort of thing. I went last year, only because Mark and the kids were going and they planned to go up by train, but someone decided to do something very silly in front of a train, so I had to pick them up from Raynes Park and then Mark drove the rest of the way there, so I stayed with them instead of coming home. I spent most of the time giggling at people dressed up. Not making fun of them, but seeing what extremes people will go to. But this year I was going because I am a HUGE Back to the Future fan. I’ve seen all the films in the cinema when they first came out (yes I’m that old) and there is just something about them, and of course Michael J Fox that is so wonderful and cute. I didn’t go dressed up as one of the character, but wore my “Jaws 19” T-shirt (those in the know will understand). The shark still looks fake even after all those films. Mark bought me, as part of my birthday present, a photo session with Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown), and Marc McClure (Dave McFly). These I was very happy with. Then a couple of months ago, I saw that Michael J Fox was going to be going. The tickets to have your photo with him were very expensive, so I was very reluctant to pay that much (I know he’s worth it, but…) The tickets sold, just like that, and when Mark got home he mentioned that he would be there, but the tickets had gone. I wasn’t surprised. “It’s lucky I got you one before they sold out!!” Mark told me. “WHAT!!!” Oh my, I love him so much. So yesterday the day started with picking up Emily’s friend T and driving to Comic Com. All the kids dresses up which was brilliant. They are Mick Travis from “If..” and Grell from “Black Butler”. Don’t ask me what they are, but to me it’s red hair and black suit.

All dressed up and ready for some fun.

All dressed up and ready for some fun.

We got there in plenty of time, it only took us 45 minutes to drive. Yes I know the car park is expensive, but if you compare that with the train tickets, it’s much cheaper to drive. The place was heaving!! So many more people than last year. It was so hot on the ground and first floors, the only way to describe it is like the boys locker room, all smelly and sweaty. Not very nice for a lovely lady like myself. The first thing that Mark and I did was to find where I was having my photo taken with Christopher Lloyd. Once we’d found that then everyone else went off in different directions. We’d planned to meet up for lunch in a certain place on the second floor which was much quieter. I queued for ages to have my photo taken, but it was worth it.

"Great Scott!!" It's Christopher Lloyd and me in front of the clock.

“Great Scott!!” It’s Christopher Lloyd and me in front of the clock.

Mark met me afterwards and we went strolling about. Well more of a shuffle because there were so many people about. I had my photo taken with a Storm Trooper, and some other soldier Troopers from Star Wars. I did a selfie with Freddy Krueger, and told him that “He scared me shitless when I was younger, and that he killed Johnny Depp.” I won’t put a link to the scene, because it’s a bit gory. He was very nice though and didn’t try to kill me in my dreams. I saw Muppet figures dressed up as Star Wars characters. I think Beaker and Doctor Bunsen Honeydew are my favourite.

This did make me giggle. They also had Animal, Link Hogthrob and Scooter dressed as Boba Fett, Han Solo and Lando.

This did make me giggle. They also had Animal, Link Hogthrob and Scooter dressed as Boba Fett, Han Solo and Lando.

Then it was onto the Michael J Fox talk. Trying to find where we had to go was a bit tricky. No one on the doors or at the help desk seemed to know. A huge amount of help they were. I finally found where we were supposed to go, but the general organisation of this event was very poor. Still Michael J Foxes talk was brilliant. He came on to a rapturous applause and a standing ovation. You have to listen very carefully to what he has to say, because his speech is now very slurred at times, but his sense of humour is brilliant.

Such a brilliant speaker, so much humour. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Such a brilliant speaker, so much humour. Thoroughly enjoyable.

People were allowed to ask him questions. I was wanting to ask him about his role in Curb Your Enthusiasm”, but didn’t. If you’ve not seen it, here’s a CLIP.

Then it was time for the thing I’d been waiting for all day. My photo with Michael J Fox and the DeLorean car. There were so many of us waiting and we were all in blocks. They called the Gold and Diamond tickets first, then Batch 1,2,3,4 and finally 5. Guess what batch I was in? Yes that’s right Batch 5!! I must have waited about an hour, but so did other people in the same batch as me. But we all kept chatting about various things and before we knew it, it was our turn. It’s like a cattle market waiting for your batch to be called up. The only way to describe it is like an Easy Jet queue, waiting to check in. You all huddle together and they call each flight in turn. But soon it was my turn, and there he was sitting in the car. I had to kneel down next to him, and being the age I am found it not terribly easy to get up again. How he managed to smile through out all those photos I’ll never know. I came out like a kid that had just managed to get her first lots of sweeties.

I can die happy now!!

I can die happy now!!

Once this was done, we all re grouped and then made our way back to the car to pay the horrendous car park fee (still cheaper than all 5 of us getting the train). I don’t think I’ll go again next year. Once is enough for me.

It was heaving with people!!

It was heaving with people!!

It was fish and chips for dinner, and then an early night because we were all exhausted. I think I’ll have to watch all the Back to the Future films again this week, just to put a full stop to the day.

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2 Responses to Saturday 18th July 2015 – London Film and Comic Com

  1. That’s David Bickerstaff doing the Question & Answer session with Michael J Fox.
    On Facebook David said it was the most surreal weekend of his life 🙂

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