Friday 17th July 2015 – Robbie’s last day.

Today was the last day that Robbie was helping me. I would have loved to have had him help me for longer, but now my children have broken up for the Summer holidays, I need to be around for them. I’ll still be going to the allotment, but at different times of the day, and not for as long. Robbie’s been a great help and we’ve got loads accomplished. I think he’s had fun, and learnt lots. He’s definitely enjoyed taking home various treats from my plots (don’t worry I’ve still got loads left for us). We continued from where I finished off yesterday. As I was weeding very carefully between the rows of Carrots, Spring Onions and Beetroot, Robbie was harvesting the Broad Beans. These did ok this year, but suddenly and without warning they got black fly. I did spray them which helped, but they just swarmed on suddenly over a couple of days. I’ve got some pods but not as many as I’d hoped. We filled in any gaps in the rows of Carrots with more seeds, and thoroughly watered those in. We sowed “Autumn King 2”, which I’ve sown before and they’re really good. We only had 2 hours on the plot today, so did what we could. We also planted out just over 20 Cauliflowers. When I mentioned that they needed to be planted about 12 inches apart, Robbie looked at me like I was mad, but I showed him some other ones that I’d planted out about 4-6 weeks ago and how big they’d got. He then realised that I knew what was best for them. Once we’d planted them out, we watered them in and protected them from slugs and snails and then netted them from the pigeons. Malcolm who has a plot near me said we could pick some of his black currants. They were big and fat and juicy. So once we’d pick some, it was time to clear all our tools away and take Robbie back home. But before we left, I told him that he had to say “Bye, bye” to the allotment, which he did, without questioning me. Thank you so much Robbie for all your help, it’s been so much fun. If he wants to pop down in about a months time to see how it’s all growing he’s very welcome.

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  1. Awesome update Claire thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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