Saturday 4th July 2015 – All the tomatoes are in the allotment greenhouse.

I had a wedding to bell ring for this afternoon, but once that was done (it was very hot work, but at least the bride was on time, what a clever girl she was.) I then headed down to the allotment to get the last of my staging in the greenhouse and then put in the last of the “Roma” Tomatoes. The back of the car was full of plants and stuff and I had to put the back seats down to get it all in. Once down on my allotment I sorted everything out very quickly (well in about an hour). I then filled up my water butt, and as I was connecting the hose to the tap I noticed that some other plot holders had tied some bottles of drink to the tap with some string and the bottles were in the cold water. Brilliant idea!! After I’d done what I came to do, I then went home very hot and bothered. So that’s one job complete. The tomatoes will now hopefully grow really well and before I know it. I’ll have a greenhouse full of some lovely red tomatoes. Some little green ones are already growing, so it’s only a matter of time. The temperature has now calmed down a little, and last night we had the most almighty thunder storm which rumbled and cracked around for several hours. The lightning was brilliant and right over head, more like an electric storm really. Apparently in the UK that night there were about 110,000 lightning strikes. Now here is a question for you. How many of those do you think George saw? Well the answer is none. He slept through the entire storm!! Emily, Mark and I were awake for it, but George didn’t hear a dicky bird. He keeps missing them, so next time we have one, I’ll have to wake him up.

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  1. Awesome update thank you for sharing Claire have a blessed day

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