Thursday 2nd July 2015 – A bit cooler today.

I do love the hot weather, don’t get me wrong, but yesterday really was too hot!! Today was much better though. But before I tell you about that, let me tell you about last night. It was very hot, so I decided to leave the door of the chicken house open so the air could circulate. The door to their run was locked so nothing could get in. George sleeps at the back of the house and was woken up just after 4am (before sunrise) by the chicken making lots of noise in their little run. They were very confused as to why they were unable to get out in the big run and made so much noise they woke up George and he could get back to sleep again. I had put some water for them in their little run, but may well put in some food to hopefully keep them quiet in future. I hope they didn’t wake up any of the neighbours!! Today heavy rain and thunder was threatened, but as I’m typing this it’s nearly 3pm and so far we’ve only had a bit of rain this morning. Robbie and I went up the allotment, and planted out some Chop Suey Greens, sowed some more Purple Carrots and picked some strawberries before rain stopped play for us. We had big fat blobs and to start with it was ok and very pleasant, but then it got just a little too hard, so after and hour we packed up, popped to Sainsbury’s and then I took him home. I’m hoping to get into the greenhouse at home later this afternoon, but I’ll tell you what I do later. The sun is now shining, and tomorrow is supposed to be lovely so I can spend as long as I like on my plots tomorrow. Robbie is unable to help tomorrow, but he’s worked very hard this week and I’ve very please with him. Hopefully I see you later and let you know what else I got up to, so TTFN!!

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  1. Awesome update thank you for sharing

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