Wednesday 1st July 2015 – The Hottest July day on record!!

Oh my goodness!! I know they said it was going to be hot, but wow!! It sure was interesting today up the allotment. Robbie came with me agin today, but I said that we’d finish at noon. Staying any longer would have just been stupid!! We took it easy, and spend most of the morning shearing the long grass, weeding, and then watering. Robbie has been such a great help these last few days that we’ve managed to sort out half of plot 1 already and get it looking great.

It's surprising what an extra pair of hands can do.

It’s surprising what an extra pair of hands can do.

We then moved onto the very large fruit bed that I have, and cut the grass round the edges and then started to dig over the soil. We kept on swapping jobs as it was very hot. We also kept stopping to have a drink. I made sure he was wearing his hat at all times, and that before we left he had on sun cream. Occasionally there was a little breeze, but it was a very hot breeze so wasn’t cooling in the slightest. After I’d taken him back home I then had my lunch and then went back down the allotment for another hour (not sure that was a sensible thing to do really!). Just as I pulled in the gate there was a message on the radio saying to stay out of the sun until after 3pm!! Well it was 2pm and I was on the allotment so it was a bit late. I left to come home at 3pm. Once home I got out the kids paddling pool (I’ve had it for about 10 years now and got it from Woolworths), put it together and then put some cold water in it. Because the hose had been sitting in the sun, the first lot of water that came out was really hot. But soon the cold water came through and I sat on a chair with my feet in the lovely cool water. It was bliss!! Later the kids came to join me, and Emily used the washing on the line to shade herself from the sun. Once I’d cooled down I then started potting on some more of my F1 Tomatoes that I’m keeping in the greenhouse at home. My Black Prince and Cherokee Smokey Purple are all now in 6 inch pots. I’ve put more bits in the car to take to the allotment tomorrow, but the weather looks a little iffy, so I’ll have to see when we get to tomorrow what it actually does. As dinner was cooking I again cooled myself in the pool. You may not be able to swim in our pool, but just putting your feet in cools you down beautifully. We reached the dizzying heat of 36 degrees today, which according to my weather app was hotter than where my parents live in Spain, Orlando and LA!! down!!!

And……cool down!!!

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2 Responses to Wednesday 1st July 2015 – The Hottest July day on record!!

  1. Lovely idea your plot is coming lovely I managed to weed one of my front boarders today took me the whole day in stages but in the morning I going to top dress it with one of my home compost that is ready

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