Sunday 21st June 2015 – The first of my new staging is up!!

Woohoo!! It’s all very exciting. You may remember that I mentioned that I ordered a load of new staging from The Greenhouse People when I went to Gardeners’ World just over a week ago. Well today was the day that I started to put the first of it together. You need patience and nimble fingers, and preferably a little helper if there is one available. George offered to help which was great. What I would suggest when putting it together is that you “Finger tighten” all the nuts, and then go round and tighten them all properly once it’s all together. Once it was up it was very sturdy and I moved the first one into my greenhouse. I then got the black trays and placed them in the staging and then moved some (not all because I ran out of room) of my plants into their new trays. I was surprised how many I managed to get in, and how much more space I have now managed to create for my plants. It’s now time to start dinner (Beef Fajitas which Mark has requested, well it was Fathers’ Day), but I’ll continue tomorrow with another staging unit, but already my greenhouse looks so much neater and tidier.

The first of my new greenhouse staging is up. I'm rather impressed with it.

The first of my new greenhouse staging is up. I’m rather impressed with it.

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