Lottie & Dottie Originals!!

OMG look what I’ve just received through the post by my wonderful, fabulous illustrator Marijke Van Veldhoven…..Two original Lottie and Dottie pictures both from “Lottie and Dottie Sow Sunflowers”!!!

Thank you soooooo much Marijke. They are amazing!!

Thank you soooooo much Marijke. They are amazing!!

They’re mine, all mine!! I need to find some frames that are worthy of these pictures. It’ll be hard to find something suitable, but I’m sure I can. I may have to go to our local frame shop to get something suitable though. But I don’t mind spending a bit more on a frame or two, they’re originals and just so amazingly beautiful. Thank you Marijke, I love them!!

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1 Response to Lottie & Dottie Originals!!

  1. Helen says:

    I agree – these need to be framed 🙂

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