Saturday 20th June 2015 – I need to go to the tip!!

Well the car is full of all my old greenhouse staging. As I was taking it apart, some bits just fell off and other bits are rusted solid. Some of the plastic is so brittle that when you touch it, it just crumbles. The wooden staging that I made years and years ago is going rotten in various places and to get it all in the car for only one trip to the tip (try saying that when you’ve had a drink) I had to saw some of it up. It was quicker that getting the screw driver out and trying to undo rusty screws. So the greenhouse is now empty apart from my plants. Once you take out the staging, you realise how large your greenhouse actually is. It’s 6 foot square, but seems smaller when the staging is in there. All my plants are sitting on the floor waiting for their new staging to be constructed. Hopefully I can get some of it done tomorrow afternoon. I hope it’s easy to construct, but I’m sure I can cope even if it’s a little tricky. As I cleared out the greenhouse I panicked a spider that didn’t know where to go. I hope it’s found a little hidey hole. I’ll do the tip trip tomorrow morning first thing and then put the car back to normal because we have to go out later in the morning. At the moment the only person who can fit in the car is the driver. It’s now pouring with rain, so I managed to get everything in the car just in time. I think I’ve earned my glass of wine (not had any alcohol for about 2 weeks which is rather odd). I’ll let you know how the new staging goes, and take photos to show you. Well that’s it for today. Dinner will be ready soon….oh my goodness it’s really hammering it down with rain!! I expect the chickens are still out playing, they should go in when it rains, but haven’t figured that out yet!!

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