Friday 19th June 2015 – I’m getting there.

It’s happening slowly but surely, but the allotment is slowly getting to the place where I’m feeling happy and not over whelmed with weeds. I managed to weed, feed and water a load more today which was great. It was a funny sort of day and I spent from 10am-3pm playing. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that long on my plot before. My sister popped along at noon and we started to get some of the glass in the greenhouse. The roof is now done, just the sides to go and then the door to put on. We’ll get together next week, and finish it off. You do need 2 people to put in the glass, it just makes it much easier to do. Before Michelle arrived I put in my Pop Corn, and a selection of Pumpkins and Squashes. There is a lot of manure in the bed, so hopefully they’ll be very happy and grow well. I’m not sure if I’ll break my record for my heaviest pumpkin, but I’ll let you know when I harvest them in October. You never know, so watch this space.

A mixture of Atlantic Giant, normal Pumpkins and Squashes.

A mixture of Atlantic Giant, normal Pumpkins and Squashes.

Once Michelle had gone I carried on for another hour or so before I left to take some bits to the rubbish tip and then home for a lovely cold drink. I got in just moments before George came in from school. He found me with the chickens giving them some corn, talking to them in the only way I know how (“Hello babies, have you been good?”) and collecting the 6 eggs they laid today (“You have been clever!”). They’re very good girls. Well that’s all for today. The weekend is busy (no change there), but I’m sure I’ll find some time to get in the garden.

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4 Responses to Friday 19th June 2015 – I’m getting there.

  1. Joyce says:

    Dear Claire, I loved your original garden posts but stopped watching when you went to the TV format as you seemed to get little play time and I found the 2 guys boring. I was so glad to stumble on your new posts and trying to get caught up. It seems you have much more space. Did you purchase land or all allottment? I’m from Ohio USA up near Canada so although you have less summer all your info is quite helpful with our poor quality sun. Love your sense of humor, my Irish family was heavy into potatoes. Keep up the good work

    • Hi Joyce, It’s been ages since we did those very few TV programmes. My allotment videos have always just been me. My husband edits those for me, he’s very clever. I won’t tell the other guys you found them boring though. I have acquired another plot, so I have 320 square to play with. It’s hard work, but great fun. I’m so glad that you’ve found my videos again and find them useful. Hope you have a great season.

  2. Lovely update I had to rest for two days as David thought I had over done it in my battle on the edging but it coming together slow but sure still waitng for David’s work mate to come and put the base on the greenhouse

    • Little and often is the key to keeping the garden looking at it’s best. I say that, but I work up a sweat when I’m on my allotment, but then I don’t know what resting is.

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