Friday 18th June 2015 – I’ve Graffitied on my plot!!

I was working this morning at a school doing a Dinosaur workshop with 5-6 year olds which was great fun. George would have been proud of what I told the children about various dinosaurs. So because I was working this morning I was only able to get down the allotment this afternoon for about 2 and a half hours. Still I got lots done in just that short amount of time. The first job today was to get my Cauliflowers in. I have 9 good sized plants, 3 were a bit weedy and small so they went by the way side. There’s no point in putting a small plant in the ground that you know wouldn’t grow, it’s just a waste of space and time. This year I’m growing a variety called “Graffiti” and they’re bright purple!! Make sure that you protect them from slugs/snails and the pigeons. Netting is essential otherwise you’ll go back the following day and there won’t be anything left.

9 little cauliflower plants. Hopefully I'll have lovely purple heads soon.

9 little cauliflower plants. Hopefully I’ll have lovely purple heads soon.

I then continued with my weeding, watering and feeding. I did one huge bed on Potatoes, and then moved on to weed a section of path that has tyres on. I managed to finish that before I had to leave to come home. Tomorrow I’ll be on my plot all day. In the morning I’ll continue where I left off today and then my sister is coming to help put the glass in my new greenhouse. Not sure how long that will take, but I’ll let you know how we get on tomorrow when I finally get back home.

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