Wednesday 15th April 2015 – Half the Potatoes are in!!

Having worked very hard over the last few days (nothing strange in that really) digging over various beds to get the Potatoes in, I think I’ve got enough space prepared for them. I didn’t take them all down today, but should have, as I would have got them all in. Never mind I’ll do the rest tomorrow. Today I managed to get in my “King Edwards” and half my “Sarpo Mira”. So that’s a start. I’ll put the other half of the Sarpo Mira in tomorrow. It’s been another glorious day, reaching temperatures of about 24 degrees. It’s officially the hottest day of the year so far where I live, and I think we’re hotter than Spain where my parents are, but I’m sure they’ll tell me if we’re not. But according to my weather app on my phone we are, and I trust that with my life…Well not really, I trust it with the weather. In this heat you need to stop regularly for a drink of water. I’d rather have a cold beer (Budweiser is my favourite), but I’m driving, so that’s not sensible. I’ll have one tonight. I only managed 3 hours today on my plot, but in this heat I think it’s enough. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, but still dry so I’ll be down there again and carrying on with it all. Everything in the greenhouse is growing well, but I think I’ll have to start to pump the bath water down as the plants at home are starting to show signs they need watering. I’ll have to get my butt bump out, and then all the jokes can begin again.

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