Tuesday 14th April 2015 – Are headphone ear buds digestible?

Yes I know this sounds a very odd question and just incase you’re wondering no I didn’t eat one, but Gizmo one of our chickens did. When I came back from the allotment this afternoon, I went to see our ladies, I found 4 eggs and gave them some corn and cabbage from the allotment. I had my ear phones dangling around my neck and as I bent down, they started to swing. And the chickens being as stupid as they are thought they were food. Before I know what had happened Gizmo had managed to peck at one, and had run off to the end of their with it. I tried to chase after her, but she slipped away. By the time I caught her she’d swallowed it. She looked at me as if to say “What?”. Does anyone know if it’ll work its way through her system or not? Will I have to take her to the vet? I’m not sure how I’ll explain that to the vet, but hey ho!! One a slightly saner note, I spent 4 hours on my plot today, first of all planting some Broad Beans “Bunyards Exhibition” plants that I got free from the Edible Garden Show. And then a row of 2 varieties of Radish. I mixed them together and have done some now and will do some more in about a months time. The varieties are “Black Spanish” and “White Dream”. I just thought they looked interesting, hopefully they’ll taste good as well. I also managed to weed a load more, and have prepared a large bed for the Potatoes to go in. I weeded the Asparagus bed, and the spears are just starting to pop above ground. Hopefully it won’t be long until I can harvest the first ones. They only went in last year and take a couple of years to really get going, so I’m not expecting much this year, but I’ll keep watering and feeding them and hopefully next year we’ll have loads. We do like Asparagus and so do the kids which is great.

First Asparagus spears are just showing through.

First Asparagus spears are just showing through.

I also harvested to Purple Sprouting Broccoli which is doing really well, and it’s great to have something fresh that you can harvest so early on in the year. So after 4 hours of having fun down on the allotment it was time to come home. It’s again been hot and sunny and reached 23 degrees according to the thermostat on the car. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter, I may have to get the shorts out tomorrow, but that could be rather risky on my part. I think I may stick with my knee length leggings.

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7 Responses to Tuesday 14th April 2015 – Are headphone ear buds digestible?

  1. Dougie says:

    Hi Clare my asparagus is just poking through too !! so excited . Planted crowns early this year , not going to pick any this year I was told must give then a chance to form a nice root system. I Love your Youtube videos i have just started to get serious about my gardening am in surrey too so i figure if you can grow it i have a chance to .I have 8 chickens for around 8 mounths now they are so much fun

    • Yes it’s best to let Asparagus settle for a year before harvesting it. I didn’t pick any last year, so hopefully I’ll get some this year. Keep feeding and watering it so it gets established. Whereabouts in Surrey are you? I’m so glad you love your chickens as well. They are really stupid sometimes, or is that just mine?

      • Dougie says:

        Hi Claire am A Bookham Boy ! nr Leatherhead I am watering the Asparagus but wont feed them as lots of rotted down chicken poo compost leaf mould sharp sand and well rotted horse poo ( this is my Latest fascination how to use my chick poo Its £10 pound a tub at Gardener centeres ) Chicks yup stupid but can be intelligent sometimes when i told my wife i was getting chickens she was not at all sure about it But she loves it more than me now knows which chicks lay which eggs lol Have you given them grapes yet so so funny Dougie

  2. Vincent Neale (Powerspade) says:

    I`ve had a old dustbin over my Rhubarb and I had a look this morning so its Rhubarb Crumble for tea tonight mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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