Monday 13th April 2015 – Back to normal.

The kids are back to school and Mark is back to work, so off I went to spend lots of time on my allotment. I took my lunch down with me today, so after 2 hours of digging and weeding I sat down on my new bench for about 20 minutes to eat my lunch before I carried on again for another hour or so. I managed to finish digging over another bed, and start turning another one where the Potatoes are going to go in. That’s now my next job, the Potaotes!! This could take all week as there are a lot of them to get in, and I have to weed and turn over the beds first. I also had to water the various bits I have already planted as there was no rain this weekend. It’s supposed to get into the mid 20’s for the next couple of days. We’re supposed to be in the low teens in April!! Oh well, I’ll enjoy it whilst it lasts. I also sowed 2 rows of Beetroot “Boltary” and 1 row of Spring Onions “White Lisbon”. I’ll sow another row in about a months time so we’ll have a good supply throughout the summer. I also bought some grass clumps home from the allotment for the chickens, which they went manic over when they saw them.

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2 Responses to Monday 13th April 2015 – Back to normal.

  1. virgle says:

    I too have planted the same, i also got some egyption beetroot in cells ready to go out.
    I having a go at melons this year type Melba any advise claire?

    • Melons need heat to grow. In the UK they are tricky, and can usually only be grown in a greenhouse or poly tunnel. If you are growing them inside you’ll have to help them pollinate. Don’t over water them and they hate their roots to get too wet. They’re quite fussy to be honest with you. but oh so tasty.

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