Unusual sayings from children…but not mine.

Now we’re away for Christmas this year. We’re popping off to Orlando to see lots of cartoon characters, movie sets and a space rocket. Where could that be I hear you ask? We’re all so excited you have no idea!! I’ll take lots of photos and put just a few up when we return. So because we’re away for Christmas we had a special “Fake Christmas” yesterday. We had turkey, crackers, stuffing balls, brussels sprouts with pancetta, basically the works. I put some sprouts on my kids plates, but they both said “Can we have more sprouts?” Now usually most kids and many adults come to that matter, (and I know that I don’t speak for all children and adults) absolutely HATE sprouts and wouldn’t eat them if they were the last vegetables left on earth. But we all love them. Even Mark will eat them!! When I first met him the only vegetables he would eat were peas. Now they eat practically everything!! It’s the way you cook them that’s important. This is what I do with my sprouts: Boil sprouts for 5 minutes. Drain and set aside. Fry some pancetta until lovely and brown. Add sprouts to pancetta a warm through for a couple of minutes. Perfect. After we’d eaten far too much, we settled on the sofa to watch the second Hobbit film, and promptly fell asleep (well I did). After a little snooze we then all sat round the table to play a couple of games of Mr and Mrs. We played 2 games, and each won one. We had a lovely day just us 4, which makes a change for Christmas usually there’s about 12 of us if not more. I love it, but sometimes it’s just nice to have just us.

Anyone for Turkey and the trimmings, especially sprouts!!

Anyone for Turkey and the trimmings, especially sprouts!!

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4 Responses to Unusual sayings from children…but not mine.

  1. Jim Norlem says:

    Just wanted to say Happy Christmas and have a wonderful time in USA… Many Blessings and fun and safe trip

  2. Jim Norlem says:

    I would like to send you some seed to try if you would like. I know you must get a lot of offers so if you do not have room or the want that is ok as well, but here is the offer. I would send you some pop corn, small red & black tomatoes and some colour corn (Indian maze). If you would like something different , let me know. Hope you all had fun in the USA for Christmas . Happy 2015… Blessings …. jim

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