How do people use that much water?

Now I’m not showing off here, but we received our water bill, and there are a few numbers that I would like you to think about. We’re on a water meter, and have been for years now. We’ve seen a huge difference in our bills since going on a water meter. Now here are the numbers I want you to remember. According to Thames Water (who we’re with) the “Typical annual water usage” for a household of 4 people is approximately 167 cubic meters. If however you are an “Efficient water user”, your annual usage should be about 134 cubic meters. Now remember those numbers please. We are a household of 4 people, sometimes 6 when my parents are over to stay. We have a deep bath practically every evening, and yes the kids and I share the same water. We have a shower, washing machine, dishwasher, and the garden never suffers with lack of water over the summer. I have the greenhouse to water, and even water the grass with any left over water. The paddling pool comes out during the summer as well. As you know, I use recycled water for all my plants and even made a video about it. So with all that in mind, how much water do you think we used last year? Go on have a guess…. Well I’ll tell you, 88 cubic meters!! Yes you heard me correctly. According to Thames Water that’s what they expect a household of 2 efficient water users to use. Oh, and we’re £40 in credit with them. Dear Thames Water, can you reduce our monthly payments a bit more please?

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4 Responses to How do people use that much water?

  1. Paul Knapper says:

    HI Claire
    We are water meter, but I have six water buts filled from sheds green house garage etc and it seems to give us a good supply of water for most of the year so we keep our water bill down pretty well
    Thanks Paul

  2. Lynne Gill says:

    Dear Claire, apropos of absolutely nothing on this blog post, I feel I have to thank you for your “Nude Gardening Video” which was waiting for me in my ‘recommended for you”, as I have just become interested in square foot gardening. I sent the video to a friend of ours , a keen gardener, who is recovering from heart surgery(!). I know it will do him good.

    On a more serious note, good to find both your blog and videos, I know they will both entertain and educate me, thanks for posting!

    • I hope that after he’s watched my video he doesn’t have to go in for more heart surgery. I can’t believe how many times that one video has been viewed!! Glad you find my videos and blog useful. I’ll be a bit quiet over the winter, but back again on a regular basis once the spring comes along.

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