Monday 5th January 2015 – Leeks, the vegetables not the burst pipe kind.

I know that it’s a few days late, but HAPPY 2015 TO YOU ALL!! I hope that you have a great year, and that your Christmas and New Year celebrations were amazing. Our Christmas and New Year was a little strange, but I’ll blog about that very soon. So with the kids back to school today and Mark back to work, where do you think I went today? Yes that’s right, straight to the drinks cupboard…No, of course not. To the allotment of course (the drinks cupboard comes later). During the autumn, I’ve been harvesting my Leeks as and when I need them, but today as it was dry, albeit a little overcast, I decided that they all needed to come up. So I donned on my wellies and went to the allotment to harvest the rest of them. The ground is very wet, but that’s to be expected for this time of year. All my Leeks are now up and drying in the greenhouse for a couple of days so the soil is easier to get off. I’ll give them a wash tomorrow in warm water (it’s too cold to use cold water). Then when they’re mud free, I’ll keep some whole in the fridge and then cut up the rest in thick slices, wash and then freeze. That way I can take them out, as and when I need them. I tend to use them instead of Onions, and those are starting to run low, so I’ll be moving on to the Leeks very soon. I had a bit of time to spare before I needed to leave, so I dug up a few Jerusalem Artichokes, which are always a good substitute for Potatoes. Although I’ve mashed them together with potatoes and they taste lovely. Give it a go sometime. I’ve still got 3 sacks full of Potatoes in the shed, so I won’t be running out of them anytime soon.

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10 Responses to Monday 5th January 2015 – Leeks, the vegetables not the burst pipe kind.

  1. David says:

    Hi Claire, Happy new year to you too.
    when you freeze the leeks do you blanch them?

    looking forward to the growing season and your excellent blog posts.

  2. Happy New Year, Claire!! I wish the best for you and your family!!!

  3. Happy New year Claire hope you have a blessing of a new year and growing season

  4. Happy New Year. I am looking forward to my leeks coming up, although I am leaving them for a while as they went in a little late this year. Looking forward to my favourite – baked leeks in a slice of parma ham or bacon with some homemade crust bread to dunk in the juices. Enjoy. xxx

  5. Leek freezing sounds good. Leek washing sounds horrid. One of the worst veg prep jobs for me. When I grew leeks last year I carelessly watered them, splashing the dirt around, and there was so much between the layers 😦 this year I will be much more careful!

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