Monday 20th October 2014 – It’s tidy up time!!

Now that most things are out the allotment that have to be, it’s now time to again work through the bed one by one and thoroughly weed and get everything sorted for the winter break. It’s still bizarrely warm for this time of year, so I’d better make the most of it before the cold sets in. So today I started to work through the beds in order, weed and put some manure on. We had a load delivered yesterday, but I was unable to be there (seeing a film, but can’t remember what it was called), but there is still a little left, so I’ll take what I can. I’ve also started to fill up the old tyres that I have, and put the Strawberry runners in them. They’ve gone mad this year, and are still flowering with the warm weather that we’ve been having. I’ve got loads of tyres to fill, but loads of runner to use. I’m being very choosey with them, but then I’ve got loads, so I can be. If the roots aren’t established enough, then they go. I was on site for about 3 hours, but 1 hour of that was spent talking to some neighbouring plot holders. It’s good to catch up. Tonight we’re due to get the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo, which means torrential rain, and high winds, so batten down the hatches and hold on.

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