Thursday 23rd October 2014 – Tomtatoes, I’m not very impressed!

You may remember that I bought 5 Tomtato plants from Gardeners’ World Live this year. They cost me £1 each and I got 5 for £4. I decided that I would go with the 5 plants as they were so cheap, and I planted 4 up the allotment, and 1 at home on the patio, in the grow bag that they had provided. I thought that this way I could compare them to see if it made any difference growing in soil or in compost. The 4 up the allotment I harvested in the middle of September. They had grown fairly well considering they were next to the Pumpkins that rather took over the end of my plot. There were plenty of Tomatoes, small little cherry sized ones. They then got blight, so I harvested all the Tomatoes and dug up any Potatoes that were underneath in the soil. Well I say Potatoes, plural, when in fact I got 1 medium sized Potato from each plant!! Not very good. But never mind, I still had 1 growing at home on the patio, and that hadn’t got blight and was growing beautifully. But this week, blight hit that plant, so this afternoon I harvested that one. The Tomato part of the plant had grown to about 4 feet high, and had masses of  Tomatoes growing. I kept picking them and using them whole in salads. They were very tasty. So after I’d removed all the Tomatoes that hadn’t been blight stricken, I cut down the remainder of the plant, and then set about harvesting the Potatoes. This time I can use the plural, as I managed to get 3 medium sized Potatoes from this plant!! I don’t think I’ll be growing these again, and I’m very glad that I didn’t pay £15 for one plant at the beginning of the season! I did exactly what the instructions said, so I don’t know what happened. So in conclusion to my little experiment, the compost made a slight difference, but not much. I think I’ll stick to growing them separately from now on. If you’ve grown them, please let me know how yours grew. Also this afternoon, I finished clearing the greenhouse of all the old plants from this year, and then had a quick tidy of the front garden. The leaves from the tree outside our house still haven’t turned brown and fallen off yet, but when they do, they seem to make a mass exodus to my garden. So once they start to fall, I’ll have to clear them frequently before they take over. George loves that tree, it’s a great climbing one. He first climbed it at 18 months old, and then a couple of years ago he jumped out of it and broke his elbow, but he’s that sort of boy. When he goes out to play I say “Be careful”, and not “Don’t hurt yourself”. We’ve made lots of trips to the local A&E that we’re becoming regulars. Actually the last time, he broke his ankle and that was in January, so I think it’s the longest time we’ve been away from the hospital, they must be wondering what’s happened.

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