BFI London Film Festival

We’ve been waiting a very long time for this. Yes I know that we’ve seen Robot Overlords before, but that was in a small cinema. But this time it was shown at the Vue, Leicester Square, London. If you don’t know where that is, it’s right in the centre of Leicester Square, and where the Warner Cinema used to be, but is now called the Vue. It’s a massive cinema with super duper sound and a huge, massive screen. Robot Overlords was part of the BFI London Film Festival, and we got to see it today in all it’s glory. Some members of the cast came for the showing, so I got to meet them again. The film had it’s world premier this weekend (no red carpet though), and people had actually paid to come and see it. Having read the script at a very early stage, lots has changed, but all for the better. All those times that Mark has shut himself off to work on the script or have Skype calls with Jon Wright, and weekends away to work on the script with Jon have all been worth it. I don’t mind when he does this, I’m a grown up, and can cope without him for a while. We can always speak on the phone, or text each other, so I don’t mind. As we went into the cinema, Peter Lord from Aardman held open the door. I had no idea who he was until Mark told me. He’s one on the founder of  Aardman who are behind Wallace and Gromit. I did say thank you to him for holding open the door, because I’m polite. When we arrived inside there was a big cardboard cut out poster of the film, so we had to get a photograph.

The Robot Overlords poster, we're all very excited.

The Robot Overlords poster, we’re all very excited.

Before the film started we went up to the lounge area, where all the cast and various producers and other people had gathered. I’m not sure how I managed to get a photo of everyone before the press did, but then I was rather cheeky and asked the photographer if he minded if I took a couple first. He obliged with out question. I’m the writers wife you know, I’m very important!

Various members of the cast, producers, writer and director. All smiling beautifully for me.

Various members of the cast, producers, writer and director. All smiling beautifully for me.

After we’d watched the film, the same motley crew did a Q and A. Various members of the audience asked questions, mainly the kids asked questions. There was one little girl however, who was just adorable. She stood up and told us all that it was her birthday, she must have been about 8 years old, she then asked Callan McAuliffe a question which he answered, and then she said “I think you’re yummy!” Which made the who cinema roar with laughter, and Callan didn’t know quite what to say.

Q and A at the end. I think you're yummy!!

Q and A at the end. I think you’re yummy!!

During the end credits I managed to get this shot. Sorry that the words are a bit blurred, but I had to be quick. You can hopefully see in the special thanks: Claire Stay, Emily Stay and George Stay…that’s us!!

We're in there somewhere, can you spot us?

We’re in there somewhere, can you spot us?

Then it was off to another venue for drinks and nibbles, then home for pizza. Phew what a busy day!!

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  1. Wow Claire. How Exciting! Cheers Sarah 😮 )

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