First look at Robot Overlords – excitement level: high!

It’s a cracking film, a must see.

Mark Stay Writes

Our chums at the BFI have released this cracking little behind-the-scenes vid for Robot Overlords. It features action, robots, our awesome cast, Jon, Piers and my big flappy hands…


… but don’t let that put you off. Tickets for the festival are on sale now and you can get them here. And the video is below, enjoy!

*Edit! I’ve learned that this vid might not play outside the UK! Gah! As soon as I have an international version I’ll pop it up. Sorry!

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2 Responses to First look at Robot Overlords – excitement level: high!

  1. Are you running out of Idea’s What dose videos have to with gardening instead of videos why you do something on canning the stuff that came out of your garden. This only a question so don’t get upset with me.

    • No I’m not running out of ideas, but I’m very proud of my husband for co writing this film and wanted to share it with all of you. There will be another couple of videos coming up soon, but for the last several days all it’s done is rain outside, so it’s been a bit tricky.

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