It’s competition time!!

Here is your chance to win a signed copy of Lottie and Dottie Sow Carrots. All you have to do is watch the Robot Overlords Teaser Trailer and let me know what the “Time Code” says when I make a brief appearance, if you can give a brief description of what I’m wearing at the time that would also be helpful (I’m not wearing a t-shirt that says “Claire’s Allotment”, just incase you were thinking it would be that easy). That’s right I’m in the trailer, and eventually the film, and so is Mark, Emily and George. The first one who lets me know will get their very own signed copy of my first book. So watch with care and see if you can spot me. Have fun!!

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2 Responses to It’s competition time!!

  1. Jonathan Austin says:

    Hi Claire, Mark & family,

    Your allotment videos are great.

    I think you appear in the trailer at 1:49 wearing a woolly hat with dangle things and a red top.



    • Hi Jon,

      Yes that’s me!! But I’m afraid someone else has already found me. Well spotted though. In fact all four of us are in the trailer, but you really have to look for our son as he’s standing in the back ground, and you can only see his outline. The blouse was from the wardrobe department, but the hat is mine!!

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