My first book signing.

Hopefully it’s the first of many signings, but on Saturday 6th September was my first book signing for Lottie and Dottie Sow Carrots. I had a stall at a summer fair, so set up my table with various vegetables from my plot. I left the mud on them, so people knew that I’d not just gone to the supermarket and bought them.

I'm rather please with my artistic table design.

I’m rather please with my artistic table design.

Instead of using a table cloth, I thought that orange potato sacks would look good. I had some lovely chat with loads of people, and sold a good amount of copies which I dedicated and signed. I also made loads of contacts with various teachers, so hopefully I’ll be invited to go and read to the children and do signings also. One man found one of my potatoes fascinating, so he took a photo. I think that specific potato has now been eaten by us, but it made many people chuckle.

Here I am, signing away.

Here I am, signing away.

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2 Responses to My first book signing.

  1. Hi Claire. That looks like one of my book signings with veggies everywhere! You couldn’t possibly do a book signing without authentic grubby veggies!
    We had the book launch for my latest book for kids “Play in the Garden” at our local school on Friday and it was fabulous!
    Well done.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

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