Sunday 7th September 2014 – Get me a cold beer ready please!!

The perfect thing waiting for you after an 18 mile walk to Shalford Mill is knowing that there will be a lovely cold beer waiting for you in the pub over the road. That was what I’d requested Mark do. I reckoned that I should arrive at the SeaHorse Inn pub at about 3pm, so Mark and the kids arrived just after 2.30pm, and were waiting for me to turn up. I wasn’t that far away, and arrive about 2.50pm. The walk was very pleasant. I’ve walked to Shalford Mill before, so I knew most of the way without looking at Google Maps. However, it did take me a slightly different way, where I had to cross over an un manned railway crossing. Don’t worry I took my earphones out, and made sure it was safe to cross, and kept looking until I was safely across. It took my 4 hours 40 minutes, which I was rather pleased with. Next weekend I’m going to go for the big one of 26 miles. I reckon it should take me 7 hours, but I’ll let you know. Once I arrived at the pub, I asked for a Budweiser, but they didn’t have any!! I was about to cry, as I’d been looking forward to a lovely cold one for the last 6 miles or so. But he offered me another very nice beer, so I was happy again. As we sat in the pub garden, George decided that he’d climb the tree, but then other much smaller kids tried it to. Now George is great at climbing, but I’m not responsible for other peoples children trying to do the same and getting stuck. We’ve always had the rule that if you get up, you get down. Mark then drove home, and I got in a well earned bath. I’ll miss all this walking when the walk has finished, maybe I can still go for wanders, but not so far.

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