Thursday 7th August 2014 – Pumpkins are doing fabulously!!

Having dropped the kids off at the park this morning (it’s on the way to the allotment), I left them there to play whilst I went to see how the allotment was getting on. My Pumpkins are growing amazingly well. I’ve not taken any photos of them as I want to surprise you with their size when I finally harvest them. I’ve got loads growing, some are green and others are orange. They should all be orange, so I don’t quite know what’s happened there, never mind. I also harvested some more Climbing French Beans and some more Dwarf French Beans. The climbing ones are still going strong, but the dwarf ones are coming to the end. They have produced loads this year and I’m very pleased with them. Also my Tomtatoes are growing well. Well the Tomatoes on the top are doing well, I have no idea what is happening below the soil. I harvested about a dozen Tomatoes and we had most of those for lunch. When I’d finished at the allotment I went back to the park to find the kids. They were both very hungry (no surprise there) so we all ate several French Beans on our way home. Emily said “I do like your French Beans mummy”, to which I replied, “I’m so glad, I did grow them all myself you know.”

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6 Responses to Thursday 7th August 2014 – Pumpkins are doing fabulously!!

  1. keith says:

    Excellent blog. I do enjoy hearing how your allotment & family are doing. I also picked loads of beans today, but have found the flat & runner beans and doing even better than the climbing french. 🙂

    • The beans just love this hot dry weather, so do I. Sounds like your runners are coming along fabulously. Make sure you freeze them well, then you’ll still be eating them in the winter. Hope you’ve got a big enough chest freezer to store them in.

  2. Are all the pumpkins the same variety?

    • I’ve got some Atlantic Giants that I kept seeds from last years one and sowed them this year. They’re easy to spot because they’re sort of oblong. But the others are the same variety “Jack o Lantern” or something similar. Not sure why some are orange and some are green. Oh well, as long as they grow large I don’t mind what colour they are.

  3. I’m hoping they do turn orange, otherwise it’ll be a rather odd Halloween lantern.

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