Sunday 27th July 2014 – Long walk to Winkworth Arboretum.

I’m continuing with my training for my Shine Walk, which is only about 2 months away now!! If you would like to sponsor me, here’s the link to my Just Giving page. So today after bell ringing I walked the 21 miles to Winkworth Arboretum. I’ve taken the kids to this National Trust place several times. They just love it. George calls in the place with all the bridges. It’s very important when you want to play the bridge game “What is your name?” and so on. I set off about 10.15am by the time I’d programmed the route into Google Maps. So off I went, knowing the first half very well, as I’ve walked that part quite a few times now. It didn’t seem to take me that long, about two and a half hours. But then I suppose it’s because I knew where I was going. Once I’d turned off the main road onto a very posh road, I stopped very briefly to get out my water bottle and the first part of my lunch (Ham croissant, very tasty). Then I ate as I walked, which is what I usually tend to do. The road I was then walking down didn’t have any paths, but was a fairly quiet road. Now you’re supposed to walk towards the traffic, which I was a good girl and did. But loads of cyclists were coming towards me, and a few cars behind them, and some cars coming from behind me, so sometimes it got rather busy. The cyclists gave me loads of room (what they thought I would do I don’t know), which I guess they understand, and there were several nods as if to say “Morning!”. The cars on the other hand didn’t seem to have any patients. Taking this road through loads of over hanging trees was rather exciting. But as I was walking on my own, I wondered if it was really safe. Well I’m still here, so obviously it is. Then I came to a rather busy A road, which I needed to be on the other side of, so that was interesting to cross. Then after walking the final part I arrived at Winkworth about 3.45pm, which I was rather pleased with. When I arrived I was at the back entrance which was only allowed to be used by the disabled and badge holders. I was neither, but I am a member of the National Trust, and I’d walked 21 miles, so I think I was entitled to use the “special entrance”. I called Mark to find out where they were, and they hadn’t quite arrived yet, so I suggested that I would meet them at the entrace. It was only then that I realised that I was at the bottom of Winkworth and had to climb right to the top. This isn’t normally a problem, but my legs were rather tired, so with my last bit of energy I bravely climbed all the steps (I have no idea how many there are) to the top. I was huffing and puffing by the time I reached the top, and over took a couple walking up (they were older than me), so I think I’d earned the lolly that Mark bought me. We then went to a gentle stroll round the grounds, and Mark and George decided to play lightsabers with some sticks they found, where Emily and I wandered round like ladies of leisure.

Boys will be boys!!

Boys will be boys!!

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