Thursday 17th July 2014 – Can it get any more humid?

Apparently yes it can. Poor Emily has her sports day today, so I made sure she had sun cream on, lots of drink (non alcoholic of course as she’s only 14), a hat and an umbrella to keep the sun off, with her before she left for school. She does burn very easily so we have to be very careful. She’s doing the 1,500 meter race, apparently they all have to do it. “I’ll be walking it!” was her comment on that. To be honest, a very sensible one. Emily is not a very sporty girl, not like George at all. A quote in George’s report from his PE teacher says: “The sight of George ‘warming up’ in full PE kit and on crutches was a joy to behold!” This was earlier this year when he broke his ankle and was in plaster. So as Emily has sports day and George is at the Tower of London on a school trip, I continued on my allotment. I wanted to stay for a bit longer, but it’s very, very hot today. There is hardly any breeze which makes it worse. So some gently weeding and watering was on the cards. Then I dug up some Potatoes for dinner and have harvested about half if my Broad Beans. The leaves are loosing their green colour now, so it’s time to get them in and sorted for the freezer. So I had to do a bit of digging, but nothing too taxing. I also harvested some Climbing French Beans, so that’s dinner sorted, although I do need to pop to the shop by us and get some sausages or something like that. I expect the kids will come home exhausted, but tomorrow is their last day and then they break up for the summer holidays. Now they’re older it’s very enjoyable, as they’re very self reliant and I can still pop to the allotment for a bit to keep things ticking over. I’ve not planned anything, but we’ll go out to places of interest, and maybe pop to the beach for a day trip. We’ll just take each day as it goes. But a massive sort out of their room is really needed…..That’ll be fun!!

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4 Responses to Thursday 17th July 2014 – Can it get any more humid?

  1. paul says:

    Snap very hot here too need rain i too harvested climbing french beans cobra really good harvest already and runners, picked last of alderman peas they have got powdery mildew any advise claire ?

    • Cobra are brilliant beans, very prolific growers and tasty. Powdery mildew occurs in humid and damp conditions. Any plant can get it, some more than others. Try to find seeds that are resistant, and keep as much air flowing through and around the plant as possible. If you find that you do get it, destroy the plant as it spreads quickly. Do not put it on the compost heap.

  2. keith says:

    Excellent blog. (As always) I agree about the hot weather. It’s much too hot & getting hotter here. I only got watering done at our allotment today 🙂 Are you not taking the kids on your long walks? (To ware them out!)

    • It was hotter today, which was unbelievable!! I think the car read 31 degrees. As for the kids walking with me, oh no, that’s my little bit of sanity!! To be honest I don’t think they’d be able to walk all that way, and the speed I walk too. It’s just me and my music when I go walking and I’m happy with that.

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