Friday 18th July 2014 – George missed all the fun.

At 2am this morning, (no I wasn’t down the allotment weeding), I was woken up by some wonderful flashes of lightning and some rather substantial cracks of thunder. It lasted for a good hour, and stayed over head for a good half an hour before it slowly moved away. We had some torrential downpours, so all in all it was rather loud. George however, slept through the entire thing! How he managed to do this I don’t know. Mark and Emily also were woken by it, and we all enjoyed it in our own little ways. George can sleep for England, and when he’s in a deep sleep nothing will wake him. He was quite miffed that he’d missed it all, but we’re supposed to get more tonight, so I’ll make sure he doesn’t miss it again. Today was another hot and muggy day, it got up to 32 where we live according to the cars thermostat. Phew!! So I only spent a couple of hours on my allotment before I decided enough was enough and came home. I managed to harvest a load of Purple Teepee French Beans, the rest of my Broad Beans, and some more Sugar Snap Peas. This weekend I’ll sort out the Broad Beans and then weigh them to see how much I harvested. Quite a few if the pods are anything to go by. After lunch I then went into Sainsbury’s to do some shopping and wished I could have stayed in the store. It was so cool and refreshing. Still, I got the paddling pool out for the kids to play in of course, but went and stood in it to cool down myself. Very refreshing it was too!!

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3 Responses to Friday 18th July 2014 – George missed all the fun.

  1. No idea what the temp was here today but it was certainly very muggy. My neighbour has just told me the storm should start about midnight – hope for some exciting thunder and lightening!

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