Wednesday 16th July 2014 – I could have stripped some more!

I only had a couple of hours down the allotment this morning as I had to collect George from school as he was coming back from camping with school since Monday. I don’t think it would have been fair to expect him to walk home carrying his camping bag that I’d so carefully packed for him. The big questions being, “Will he have used his flannel and/or soap for those 3 days?” The answer “No!” but I’m not surprised really. He did promise me that he’d cleaned his teeth though. He can have a good scrub tonight in the bath so hopefully he’ll be clean by the time he goes to bed. So with only a couple of hours on my plot I continued with my weeding and watering. I also stripped some of my Rhubarb which has been growing fabulously this year. I don’t need any, so what I picked I will share around to those I know. I’m sure I’ll get a few takers. My sister has had some, and the rest I’ll take with me tonight. I could have stripped some more Rhubarb, but the bag was full and very heavy, and I was unable to squeeze any more in. Still it’ll grow quite happily till next time. Another hot day with temperatures at 9.30am at 22 degrees. Now as I’m typing this it’s reached about 25. It’ll be even hotter tomorrow, so plenty of water will be needed for me on the allotment, as I plan to spend most of the day there. I supposed I’d better go and start tidying the garden table now as it’s covered in pots and trays. Once it’s done, then it’s done.

Some rather tasty stalks of Rhubarb.....custard anyone?

Some rather tasty stalks of Rhubarb…..custard anyone?

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3 Responses to Wednesday 16th July 2014 – I could have stripped some more!

  1. How about making some jam with the rhubarb?

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