Monday 7th July 2014 – Rain rain go away come back another day (like tomorrow morning when I’m working)

According to the weather forecast this morning we weren’t supposed to get rain showers until this afternoon. Clearly the weather wasn’t listening to Carol Kirkwood. There I was minding my own business up the allotment this morning when a few spots decided to fall. Now this was ok, it went and the sun came out again. Then a little later it absolutely poured. Firstly I hid underneath my neighbours tree, and was then joined by another plot holder, but then the rain got even heavier, so we went and sat in my car until it had stopped. Finally we were able to leave the dryness of the car and return to our plots, which were a little wetter than when we’d left them. Still I managed to weed the last 2 beds, pick some peas, have a good sort out of the Jerusalem Artichoke bed and put some manure on it, and then begin the job of sorting out the fruit bed. This I nearly finished, but the clouds gathered again, so I decided to quit whilst I was ahead. Lucky I did as not long after I got home it rained again. You can pour tomorrow morning when I’m working, but when I plan to go to the allotment, I’d prefer the sun to be out. Thank you xx

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