Sunday 6th July 2014 – I didn’t like that gate stile.

Now I have nothing against them per say, but when you’ve been walking for 17 miles and then have to go over one, it can be rather tricky. I was continuing my training today for my walk in September, and today I needed to walk for around 17 miles. Google Maps is brilliant in that respect. I’ve now changed from walking for a certain time, to walking a certain amount of miles. I’m gradually getting to my goal of 26.2, but I’m not there yet. Hopefully it won’t be too long, then I’ll have a rough idea of how long it’ll take me on the night. So today after bell ringing I walked to Shalford Mill. A very pretty place and for me the perfect distance. Mark and the kids met me there, but they arrived earlier than I did. So they looked round the mill while I walked the final part. This time I was off road for some of it, which for me was a little scary as I’m used to walking on the roads (paths really, but you know what I mean). This time it was across some fields, with some wonderful views of Guildford, and of Guildford Cathedral on it’s hill. Then as I was approaching the last hurdle (so to speak) I came across a stile. Now I usually hop over these without any problem. If there had been a gate I’d have used that instead. But there was only the stile. Now you try going over one when you’ve walked as far as I’d just done. Believe me it’s not very easy. I was like a little old lady. I sounded like the women tennis players as I grunted my way over. My legs were saying “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WOMAN?” But I’m pleased to say I did make it over without falling flat on my face and across the field dreading that there would be another one on the other side, but thank goodness there was a gate! Phew!! When I arrived at Shalford Mill, Mark and the kids were inside having a look around, so I sat on the grass by a brick wall and rested my tired feet and legs. It was then home and then I had some more bell ringing to do later in the evening. I think I’ll sleep well tonight.

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2 Responses to Sunday 6th July 2014 – I didn’t like that gate stile.

  1. keith says:

    Another lovely blog. I’m really impressed with your efforts to walk so far and you seem to find such interesting places to go to 🙂 I’m impressed you fine the energy to do the walking and time !

    • It is rather exhausting, but as long as I have my music playing and directions on where to go, then I’m very happy. This sunday I’m walking about 19 miles which should take about 5 hours. I eat whilst I walk, which is fun, if a little tricky. You get to the point where you’ve been walking for so long, that you start dancing when you’re waiting for the green man at the road crossing. I’m not sure what the other road users think, but to be honest I don’t really care. If it makes them smile just for a short time, then that makes me happy.

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