Friday 4th July 2014 – I did water, honestly!

Today is another very hot day, actually warmer than yesterday (the car said 26.5), but still with a very pleasant breeze which really helps. So this morning I weeded and watered several beds very thoroughly. I’m able to get through them really quickly now as there aren’t many weeds that have taken hold since I last weeded. I feel right on top of my allotment at the moment, which is a great feeling. Usually I’m chasing my tail with it. I then stopped to have a bit of lunch. Then  I started again from where I’d stopped and weeded and watered a bit more. I looked at what I’d watered only a couple of hours previous, but it looked like I’d not watered at all! Hopefully most of the water has gone down to the plants roots, but anything that was on top of the soil has either been evaporated by the sun or the breeze. It’s amazing that this has happened so quickly. I know that the best time to water is just as the sun is going down, but for me that’s not possible as I’m in my pj’s by then and occasionally fast asleep. Just another couple of beds to go through before I have to tackle the Jerusalem Artichoke bed and the fruit bed. Hopefully I’ll get those completed by the end of next week. Time to tidy the front garden now before I have to start dinner, and if I get chance, to sort out some more Tomatoes. But a cool drink is needed first.

Oh, and just incase you’re wondering, yes I did pick Mark up from the airport in my pj’s. And no, I didn’t break down or get stopped by the police. But, I did have to get out the car and get a duck out the road as it kept walking in front of the car. Silly thing. It was only when I got back in the car that I realised that I had my pj’s on, and there were a couple of cars behind me. Never mind, I doubt if they even noticed.

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