Thursday 3rd July 2014 – Hottest day so far this year.

And it was true. Where I live, according to the car when I came home from the allotment this afternoon it was 26 degrees. But because we had a very pleasant breeze it didn’t seem that hot. Which was rather good as I was up the allotment for just over 4 hours today doing lots and lots. The obligatory weeding and watering was done. I had to fill up my butt first thing though, as I tend to use the entire contents in one watering session. It’s quite a large butt, but I’m not sure how much it holds. I give my plants a good water approximately every 4 days, which is more than enough to keep them going through the hot weather. I’ve had a couple of requests to show how my allotment is getting on this year, so I’ve made a little video showing you all the beds on both my plots. I hope you find it interesting, it’s quite a fiddly thing to do, especially to make it interesting. Then this afternoon I did some filming in the greenhouse as I was potting on various plants: Sweet Peppers, Okra, Sorrel and Tomatoes. I’m not sure when Mark will be able to get these film sorted, maybe some this weekend, but I’ll have to see how busy he gets. I also started to tie in some of the Tomatoes but had to stop as it was time to start dinner. I couldn’t stay in the greenhouse for long as it was getting fairly uncomfortable with the heat. I’m not complaining though. So after a fun day getting dirty in the garden and on the allotment the best thing to have is a hot bath, put on your pj’s and a bit later go and pick Mark up from Gatwick (in my pj’s of course). I hope I don’t break down or get pulled over by the police. Not sure how I’d explain that one. See you the same time tomorrow. Nighty night!!

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5 Responses to Thursday 3rd July 2014 – Hottest day so far this year.

  1. I’m sure the breakdown services have seen it all before lol!

  2. keith says:

    I always look forward to and enjoy your blogs. Very VERY hot at my allotment too, but I’m still trying to turn over some of the beds and plant th elast of the winter squashes 🙂

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