Thursday 26th June 2014 – Dinosaurs and then the allotment.

Yes I know that it sounds like a strange combinations, but this morning I was working, doing a couple of Dinosaurs workshop with kids in year 2. They were brilliant, and we had so much fun. Then once I’d got home and had some lunch, I then went down the allotment for about and hours and a half to see what I could do. The weather forecast for Friday is not good, so going to the allotment tomorrow doesn’t look like it’ll happen, so I’d better make the most of today. I managed to sort out the bed with the Peas, sugar Snaps and Leeks growing in, and half of the Kale bed. I also had to contend with some rather long grass on the paths, so that took up quite a bit of time. Once I’d got home, I plugged in the bird camera to see how they were getting on. Now I reckon they should fledge fairly soon, as they’ve been hatched for coming up to 3 weeks now. I wonder if they’ll have problems getting out the hole like the last lot did. Only time will tell.

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