Robot Overlords Screening.

You may remember me mentioning this a while back, that Mark (hubby) has co written a feature film with Jon Wright called “Robot Overlords”. It’s now a finished film, and they had a screening late this afternoon for various people. The kids and I had all planned to go, and had worked out how we could all get there on time. Then George’s school announced that they would have their sports day on the same day, and it was going to be a fair distance away at another location, and would be ending later than school does. So that was George and I then unable to go. Emily went up with her film studies group, and my sister was able to get her youngest out of school early to get there. When Emily got home I asked her what she though of the film. Now this was the first time she’d seen it completed. We’ve seen various sections with some effects and other sections with no effects at all. Her response was….and I quote “SUPER FREAKING AWESOME!!!”. Yes those were her exact words. Mark said it went brilliantly and everyone really enjoyed it. So fingers, toes, legs and everything else crossed that this is the start of something HUGE!!!

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