Sunday 25th May 2014 – I’ve walked a quarter of a marathon!

Today for my Shine Walk training I needed to walk for at least 2 hours without stopping. It’s surprising how far you can walk in that time. I’m still sticking fairly close to home, but next week I will venture out into the next village. I don’t plan exactly where I’m going to walk, but just a rough idea, but that is subject to change is I come across a road that has lovely looking houses down. I’m not being nosey (well just a little bit), but it’s nice to have a look to see what people have done with their gardens and houses. I saw a lovely veranda on the front of someones house. I actually walked for 2 hours and 15 minutes and managed to clock up 6.61 miles. Now I’m rather excited about this because it means that I’ve done a quarter of my walk. So only 19.59 miles to go and I’m done!! At the pace I’m walking it means I should get the walk done in about 9 hours or so. I’ll keep you up dated on my progress, but I’m still on track to be ready by Saturday 27th September. A huge, massive THANK YOU to everyone who has sponsored me so far, and for those who would like to, here is the link to my Just Giving page. See you in the greenhouse soon.

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