Thursday 22nd May 2014 – I picked my first strawberry today!

We did have a little rain last night, so that was good, and as I’m writing this blog we’ve now got thunder, lightning, hail, rain and strong winds. But fortunately this morning was dry so I could get to the allotment for a couple of hours. It was time to start weeding the strawberry beds today. I have 2 beds, and managed to get one sorted today. The weeds have got a little out of control on these beds as I’ve not done anything with them so far this season. But because we had some rain last night the soil is a little easier to dig. But before I started with the weeding, I notice my first ripe strawberry. So, as I put them in last year and looked after them, it’s only fair that I get to try the first one. Oh it was so sweet, and slightly warm. Which made the taste so much better. There are loads more growing on the plants which I bought new last year. They take a year to settle before they start to produce a decent amount of fruit. We did have a few spit spots of rain this morning, but nothing to stop me working on the allotment. Lucky I came home when I did really, otherwise there would have been lots of bad words spoken by me if I’d have got wet.

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